A funeral takes its toll on the environment. How beautiful would it be to support nature as we pass on, to give our body back to the earth and help nourish it? To create a moment of passing that is not only emotionally meaningful but also manifests itself in the physical world. With 4.000.000 square acres of forest needed for the coffin, 1.636.000 tons of reinforced concrete for burial vaults, 104.271 tons of steel and 2,700 tons of copper and bronze it is estimated that 178 tons of carbon dioxide is released by the funeral Industry, as stated in a yearly American report.

The answer to this is Afterlife: a new wearable material that is completely biodegradable created out of leftovers from the food industry and infused with flower seeds. As we pass on, the earth can still use our body to feed on. By combining our body with the Afterlife material, we transform an end into a beginning, creating a greater purpose after death. Shifting the definition of a cemetery into something less grim, for example, a forest or park, where the ones we loved, and their offspring, could walk, play and enjoy.



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Melanie Schaap