As humanity is overstimulated by the 24/7 cycle of life, think of work combined with social obligations and responsibilities. This has made the society more individualistic than before. Therefore time is an essential aspect and we need to be more creative because time is scarce, we’ll need to multitask. But how can we stimulate our senses in a world where constant stimuli are the status quo? What would be the consequences of a future where there is no sport at all? Our mental state is deteriorating. We are looking for shapes that last. By moving our bodies in a flexible way, our mind will move as well. Sport will be more about balancing movements than making ourselves physically exhausted. We need to bend instead of break.


Tensie is inspired by the most authentic sports from back in the days. Swimming, Tennis, Football, Boxing and Turning. The Tensie objects translate the movement of these sport yet more subtle and balanced than ever before. Balancing these objects on or underneath your body, will form a unique and symmetric ritm which will move you in the right, organic, direction.  While using Tensie your clear your mind and triggers your senses.

‘‘Releasing pressure’’ is a book design, designed for Tensie. 
This book is vacuum packed. When you cut the plastic it will release the pressure. 

The book is a reference to the movements of Tensie and give the same 3D effect as the objects. 


Visual Identity

Brand Strategy


Art Direction